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1 Assemble your Team
2 Register on the site immediately by pressing the Book button
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The game is raccomanded for a team of 6 people, but not more than 2 per single device



The Purrrfect Theft

A priceless masterpiece, a team of “professionals” and a plan studied in details: everything is ready for robbery of the century!

Time: 90 minutes

Price: 15$ per team

Difficulty: 2/5


Escape Room Online is a new game format that allows you to gain a digital escape experience mixed with elements of the real world.

Therefore it is not just one of those simple applications on the most well-known stores,

but a real adventure that will fully involve in the atmosphere and make you the protagonist.

It is not necessary to play alone ˗ you may create your own team and play together.

There are two games modes.The Contest, which usually coincides with the launch date of each new adventure, is a mode in which numerous teams of players can compete simultaneously to find out who take less time to solve all the puzzles. The winning team will receive a prize which will vary from time to time. For the Contest, date and time are mandatory.
Once the Contest is over, the adventures will remain online and can be played whenever you want. Every week a new ranking will be established to reward the 3 best teams. From the moment of payment, you will receive login and password activate only for 24 hours.

You can partecipate as a single player or share the experience with friends or family who are in the same room, or with people connected from another city or even countries. In order to play from multiple locations, provide your friends with the credentials that you will receive after payment.

You will decide how many people will make up your team. We would advise not to include more than 6 people in totale, 1-2 people maximum per device.To collaborate with the other members of your team, we recommend to use group video calls on WhatsApp, or via applications Zoom or Skype.

It usually takes about 1-2 hours to complete the gameplay

To partecipate in one of our adventures you will need an electronic davice with an Internet connection. We recommend laptops, desktops or tablets. In addiction, for your convenience, you may also need a sheet of paper and a pen.

Each adventure consiste f a series of puzzles and task that you should solve in order to continue the story until the final act. 2 aids are provided for each puzzle. If you cannot overcome the puzzle, you can continue the game by “paying” with a 1 minute penalty.

Payment is made online by PayPal or Credit Card

After the payment, you will receive an email with data to be entered in the appropriate part of the site to start the adventure.

Important: the payment code can be used only once!